Sharman Egan is a creative nonfiction writer with a particular interest in memoirs and true crime. She recently spent time at Azule researching and completing the manuscript for her upcoming novel “The Devil Always Walks with a Dog.”

The true story details a middle-aged couple (Sharman and her husband) who moved to a crime-ridden neighborhood in Atlanta and discovered that the powerful county sheriff, Sidney Dorsey, is corrupt. Joining with a small band of neighbors, they throw their support behind his opponent, Derwin Brown.

Dorsey’s corruption is finally exposed and Brown defeats Dorsey. However, three days before Brown is slated to take office, he is gunned down in his driveway. The story covers the corruption, assassination, and trial of the corrupt sheriff, which Sharman reported in a local newspaper at the time.

In our recorded conversation below, Sharman details the true crime story, describes her inspirations, and tells how Azule helped her focus on her writing.