Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

How Long are Residencies?

We leave the length of residencies up to individual artists.  We require a minimum 2 day stay and a maximum of 1 month.

Art Resident Payment & Refund Policies

Azule has stringent refund policies in place. Residency Fees are Non-Refundable. A Deposit of [50%] of the entire stay, plus an Administrative Fee of $50.00, is due at the time the Reservation is made. The remaining balance must be received no later than [30 ]days prior to Arrival.

At the discretion of the Azule Board, we may consider written requests (via email or letter), clearly stating your case and supplying the Azule Board with appropriate documentation, medical excuse, or other proof.

The Board reserves the right to determine each case individually and, depending on the situation, may allow the resident to reschedule and apply any remaining funds (minus the $50.00 Administrative Fee) to a new date agreed upon by the Resident and the Board.

Group Payment & Refund Policies

Group Refund Policy:  Group fees are non-refundable. A deposit of 50% of the entire stay, plus the administrative fee of $50.00, is due at the time the reservation is made. The remaining balance must be received no later than 30 days prior to arrival. For group stays we require the total payment for your stay to be paid by the primary contact, we suggest collecting all fees from participants ahead of time.

Do you give Stipends or Artist Support?

We do not offer a stipend to artists as we wish to keep our residency as obligation free as possible.  If you need financial assistance for your stay, we offer some work trade to offset costs.

How does Work Trade work?

We have a small work trade program available to help offset the costs for qualifying residents. The hours are available to residents that are coming to Azule for a minimum of 1 week. We have a total of 12 hours/month at a rate of $15/hr. These hours are distributed among the applicants requesting assistance each month.

Residents can now choose to serve their work trade hours with the Madison County Group Home, ask if you qualify!

I don't have a portfolio can I still apply?

Yes! We welcome Artists at ALL stages of their journey.  You do not need to be a full time working artist to apply.

Will I be the only Art Resident?

Azule hosts 1-4 Art Residents at any time.  You may be the only Art Resident, you may be sharing the building, or you may have a combo of the two based on your length of stay.  Check the Art Resident Calendar to see who will be in the house during your stay.

In addition to hosting artist residencies, Azule occasionally hosts shorter events such as potlucks and weekend skillshares. These events can bring in larger groups that will share the Azule space for the duration of the event. Artists in residence are welcome and encouraged to join in on these events

Can I bring my partner, child, friend, pet?

We welcome artist couples and friends to experience a residency together, though each person must apply separately.

With respect to other residents, we do not accept anyone under 18 unless part of a group event or workshop.

We also only allow service animals at this time.

Is Azule Wheelchair Accessible?

Azule has limited accommodations for wheelchairs.  Due to the rural & remote location adding ADA-compliant accommodation is an ongoing process.  

We do have ramps & wheelchair access to both the upper and lower floors, as well as lower floor accommodation available.  If you are concerned, please reach out!

Do I need a car?

A car is not required but it is recommended.  We are a rural residency and amenities such as the grocery store are a distance away.

Artists are also responsible for finding their own transportation to and from the airport if needed.

Can we apply as a group?

Yes! We welcome groups of 10-15 people.

If you wish to collaborate with you and another artist, just let us know on your applications.

About Our Programs

Art Residency

Our Residency program is self-directed.  We accept applications on a rolling basis with no application deadlines.  We have a minimum stay of 2 days and a maximum stay of 1 month.  Payment in full is required before your stay begins. 

Groups & Events

Group applications are considered on a rolling basis up to 2 weeks before your preferred dates.  Payment in full is required before your arrival.


Azule considers workshop proposals on a rolling basis. If you would like to host your next workshop at Azule please contact our Administrator directly.


We welcome members of the public to take a tour of our facility.  Please call ahead to schedule, we do not accept drop-ins at this time. Tours are free but we do accept donations.


Azule is a 501(3)c nonprofit and all charitable donations are tax-deductible. Visit our Donation page for ways you can support Azule.