Azule is a one-of-a-kind Art Residency dedicated to serving the Communities of Appalachia through the Arts in their many forms.  Our mission to provide low-cost Art Residency opportunities to underserved artists & the exchange of culture and ideas to our rural community through Art is only possible through the generosity of our donors.

Giving Options

With Cash

We accept cash donations on the premise. We encourage donations from those who partake in a tour of the facilities.

By Check

Make your check out to Azule, and be sure to include “donation” on the info line.

Mail a check to us at:

190 Rabbit Den Road
Hot Springs, NC 28743

Give Online

Give online through our paypal portal at any time.

 Where Do Your Funds Go?

Low Cost Art Residencies

Azule works to provide opportunities for development to underserved art communities.  Your donations allow us to lower the bar of entry into Art Residency programs for low-income and marginalized Artists.

Updating & Building New Facilities

Through generous community donations, we are able to expand our studio spaces and facilities.  This will allow us to offer more community engagement and attract a wider variety of Art forms.

Grant Matching

These grants allow Azule to expand our community programming and offer more support for underrepresented Artists. By matching grants, you expand our ability to serve artists in our community.

Your Donations Have…

  • Allowed Artists to serve their work-trade enriching the lives of Adults with Disabilities in Madison County.
  • Funded Skillshare & Workshops for the exchange of culture & ideas through Art in our community.
  • Expanded our facilities to integrate more accessibility with ramps & the ongoing construction of accessible housing options.
  • Created partnerships, support & facilities for organizations that support greater diversity in the Arts.

About Your Donations

Your donations go directly back into the community through the promotion of the Arts.  Not only does your generosity allow Artists the opportunity for growth, but it facilitates the free exchange of culture, understanding, and learning.  Our community grows with each new experience or exposure to new Art Forms, and the Appalachian spirit and way of life are perpetuated through the exposure of Artists to audiences they may never have had access to.  In true Appalachian spirit, every dollar Azule receives is stretched for maximum impact.

Can I request my donations goes to a specific program/ cause?

Our donations get distributed based on need, but if you would like to specify where your donation gets used just let us know and we will make it happen.

Can I leave a legacy gift?

Whether you wish to include us in your will, designate Azule as a beneficiary, donate a non-cash asset, or make qualified charitable contributions, we would be honored to accept such a lasting gift.

Can I donate art supplies or building materials?

Yes! Art Supplies are added directly to our Art Residency stock for use by visiting Artists.  Azule is almost 100% built from recycled & repurposed building materials as part of our commitment to staying sustainable.  Contact us directly to arrange delivery or pick up.

Can I make a donation as a gift or in honor of a loved one?

Gifting on behalf of someone else is a great alternative to birthday & holiday clutter! Let us know if this is a gift for someone and we will send them an email letting them know.

How Do I volunteer?

Sign up for our newsletter & follow us on Social Media to stay informed about upcoming volunteer days! If you have a specific skill you would like to volunteer, contact us directly!

Can I host a fundraiser for Azule?

Absolutely! Contact us directly for more information on how you can support Azule in this way.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes! Azule is a registered 501(c)3 Nonprofit so all your donations are tax-deductible. After you donate you can request a donation receipt from us, keep this for your tax records!