Heidi Leitzke’s process begins outside, observing and absorbing nature. As a visual artist hailing from Lancaster, PA, she crafts a diverse array of artworks spanning paintings, embroideries, drawings, and her distinctive thread paintings. Both an educator and a gallery director, Heidi received her MFA at Western Carolina University. Her recent residency at Azule saw her reconnecting with the rich and storied mountains of Western North Carolina, drawing inspiration from its verdant Appalachian landscapes.

In our conversation, Heidi discusses how she seeks the “spirit of aliveness in nature” to create her art. She elaborates on her creative process, reflecting on how her residency at Azule provided fresh sources of inspiration. Additionally, she offers insights into the works she produced during her time at the residency.

You can follow along with her work at https://heidileitzke.com or follow her on Instagram @leitzke.