In our recorded studio visit with artist resident, Emmalee Sutton, she talks about how “play” is at the core of her practice. Objects, nature, and technology are leading her way of getting reaquainted with dance through her residency at Azule through her project, Soma Semantic.

Mimicing cycles and patterns of sound and movement, Emmalee is interested in leaving evidence of movement through mark-making. In our recorded studio visit, we see Sutton making forceful, arcing movements with charcoal – on the paper she is also using as a producer of sound for her stimulated thunderstorm in the music studio.

Sutton’s explorations in play through visual, audio, and performance art point us, viewers, to our own perception of sensation through both natural and constructed phenomena.


Listen to our interview with Emmalee Sutton below.

Thunderstorm Drawing (Left)
Still from performance (Right)