Tai Lipan is a painter from Flagstaff, AZ, where she teaches at Northern Arizona University. Having relocated to Arizona in the past couple of years, she carried with her the fresh inspiration of a new landscape. By integrating the strange and peculiar formations of desert rocks, fossils, artifacts, and ancient dwellings she has encountered, she raises the intriguing question: “What’s under there?”

Her customary artistic approach involves the use of wood as a medium for carving imagery. At Azule, Tai dedicated herself to exploring works on paper, granting herself the liberty and space to elevate her scale and expand her use of color to new heights. The paintings she created are a visual narrative that inspires a meaningful engagement and sustainable partnership with nature.

During our conversation, Tai delves into her sources of inspiration, her creative methodology, and offers guidance for fellow artists. You can follow along with her work at https://www.tailipan.com/ or follow her on Instagram @tailipan.